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Promote efficient, transparent, and fair public systems with powerful blockchain technology.

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Programming Trust

Securing data is one of the core values of blockchain. AvaCloud helps governments fundamentally improve society with programmatic trust, securing voting records, tax information, property details, and more.

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Designed for a Better System
Built with Cutting Edge Technology

Build for Millions of Citizens

Harness high transaction-per-second, sub-second finality, and never share resources on your custom chain.

Leverage Permissioned, Customizable Networks

Customize your network at the protocol layer for optimized, secure, compliant activity.

Enjoy Expertly Managed Deployment

Deploy easily with expertly-managed blockchain networks, enterprise-grade infrastructure, 24/7 monitoring and SLAs.

Enterprise-Grade Technology

Trust the highest quality, regulatory-compliant infrastructure from partners like Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, and more.

Private, Secure Ecosystems

Forge private, secure ecosystems for processing sensitive data, creating a traceable, transparent, auditable record.

Optional Cryptocurrency Exposure

Maintain cryptocurrency-free ecosystems and balance sheets with the AVAX Staking service.

Unlock Your Industry’s Potential

Health & Safety

Future-proof healthcare by automating insurance, protecting data, and enhancing collaboration.

Tax & Customs

Revolutionize tax efficiency through immutable documentation, fraud prevention, and cross-border integrity.

Data Sharing

Maximize efficiency by connecting disparate data systems through blockchain technology.

Payments & CBDCs

Blockchain-driven Central Bank Digital Currencies create digital, immutable frameworks for money-powering, efficient, borderless, and cost-effective payment systems.


Modernize educational systems with on-chain student records, qualifications, and transparent accounting systems.


Secure identification and rights with on-chain proof of citizenship.

Developer Friendly

  • Launch in Minutes

  • Fully Managed Deployment

  • Low-Code Customization

  • Automated Infrastructure

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Customer Support

  • Guaranteed Recovery

  • Built-in Updates

  • Robust API Service

  • Full-Service Tracker & Explorer



  • EVM Compatibility

  • Private Chains

  • Gas-Free Transactions

  • No Cryptocurrency Exposure

Cutting Edge Tech

  • Avalanche Technology

  • Self-Hosted Wallets

  • Custom Virtual Machines

  • Native Interoperability

Deloitte and FEMA partner for Natural Disaster Recovery

Join industry leaders and pioneer transparent and cost-efficient public systems to eradicate fraud, waste and abuse.

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Learn How Leaders are Building

AvaCloud is a leader in Government and Public Sector blockchain initiatives, prioritizing compliance, security, and efficiency above all else. Discover the future of government programs with AvaCloud-powered Case Studies.

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