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Next-Generation Finance

Join institutional innovators choosing Avalanche and its unique blockchain architecture and capabilities to power the next generation of financial services.

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On-Fi: A New Type of Finance

Launch composable, institutional blockchains with custom features for real-world value & compliance. AvaCloud is your keystone to financial innovation, from asset tokenization to automated loans.

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Designed for Institutions
Built with Cutting Edge Technology

Build on a Global Financial Scale

Harness high transactions-per-second, sub-second finality, and never share resources on your custom chain.

Leverage Permissioned, Customizable Networks

Reach compliance with built-in KYC/KYB standards and out-of-the-box Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility.

Trust Expertly Managed Deployment & Scaling

Deploy with ease via expertly managed blockchain networks, enterprise-grade infrastructure, 24/7 monitoring and SLA.

Optional Cryptocurrency Exposure

Maintain cryptocurrency-free balance sheets with the AVAX Staking service.

Private, Audit Friendly Ecosystems

Deliver an industry-standard experience to clients with private, secure networks.

Avalanche Native Resources

Access all the benefits of the Avalanche Network, including native interoperability, liquidity, and developer resources.

Unlock Finance’s Potential

Tokenize Assets

Tokenize off-chain assets for liquidity, efficiency, diversification, and global market access.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce intermediaries and minimize errors with immutable blockchain technology.

Modernize Trading

Programmatically resolve complex trust around large financial trades and data exchanges.

Digitize Processes

Modernize inefficient, outdated systems with trustless, immutable, decentralized technology.

International Markets

Simplify and reduce expenses for cross-border finance.

Trustless & Auditable

Leverage immutable technology for programmatic trust and audit-friendly processes.

Developer Friendly

  • Launch in Minutes

  • Fully Managed Deployment

  • Low-Code Customization

  • Automated Infrastructure

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Customer Support

  • Guaranteed Recovery

  • Built-in Updates

  • Robust API Service

  • Full-Service Tracker & Explorer

Compliance & Customizability


  • EVM Compatibility

  • Private Chains

  • Gas Free Transactions

  • Custom Gas Token

  • Custom Native Token

Cutting Edge Tech

  • Avalanche Technology

  • Self-Hosted Wallets

  • Custom Virtual Machines

  • Native Interoperability

Build in Comfort with a Regulatory-Compliant Network

Pioneer the next generation of financial services, joining some of the largest institutions in the world. Read more below.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Join the Premier Financial Ecosystem

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