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AvaCloudGlacier API

Your Game, Your Chain Your Rules

Create a seamless player experience with zero gas fees or scaling limitations through personalized gaming blockchains.

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Web3 Gaming Simplified

Launch your game quickly and securely on the cutting edge of blockchain technology. Create rewarding player experiences, support creators, and open doors to new revenue possibilities.

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Designed for AAA Games
Built with Cutting Edge Technology

Build for Millions of Players

Harness high transactions-per-second and sub-second finality; never share bandwidth (block space) on your custom chain.

Optimize for Player Experience

Control every piece of your user experience with hundreds of hardened APIs for NFTs, smart contracts, wallets, and more.

Harness Enterprise-Grade Technology

AvaCloud blockchains are customizable, upgradeable, and can infinitely scale. Deploy with ease using expertly managed enterprise-grade infrastructure and SLAs.

Seamless User Experience

Create frictionless onboarding, native wallets, and cryptocurrency-optional ecosystems.

Gas-Free Transactions

Game on, gas off. Transform your game's user experience with our gasless relayer, delivering fee-free transactions for players.

Automated Infrastructure

Boost your efficiency, security, and effectiveness through our expertly managed design and implementation.

Unlock Your Game’s Potential

In-Game Assets

Digital assets now have real-world value. Empower players to own, trade, and sell.

Secondary Markets

Create new revenue streams with secondary royalty markets.

Player Owned Economies

Drive revenue and player engagement through open player-owned economies.

Digital Marketplaces

Create thriving ecosystems with native token or gas-free digital marketplaces.

Integrated Profiles

Boost retention through profiles that can travel with players to other games and metaverses.

Verified Authenticity

Secure players’ identities and assets with seamless programmatic trust.

Developer Friendly

  • Launch in Minutes

  • Fully Managed Deployment

  • Low-Code Customization

  • Automated Infrastructure

  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • Customer Support

  • Guaranteed Recovery

  • Built-in Updates

  • Robust API Service

  • Full-Service Tracker & Explorer

Player Focused

  • Social Logins

  • Credit Card Payments

  • Frictionless Onboarding

  • Native Token

  • Low Latency

  • Fastest Finality

Cutting Edge Tech

  • Avalanche Technology

  • Self-Hosted Wallets

  • Custom Virtual Machines

  • Native Interoperability

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Featuring some of the most popular, highest-quality Web3 integrated games. Push the boundaries of innovation with blockchain. Discover the future of gaming with AvaCloud-powered case studies.

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