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Tenzro Launches AI Content Platform for Creatives on Avalanche

The platform aims to redesign how creative content apps work and ensure that incentives benefit creatives, not institutions.



The platform aims to redesign how creative content apps work and ensure that incentives benefit creatives, not institutions.

Tenzro is launching its AI content platform on Avalanche, aiming to serve as an open, composable platform for any developer to be able to easily launch AI-powered creative content capabilities. By enabling dApp builders with robust AI capabilities, Tenzro believes that all content creators, such as musicians and visual artists, will be able to seamlessly create, publish, and manage high-quality, engaging content of all types. In the future, new apps on Tenzro will benefit from a vibrant content ecosystem where they can easily find and combine any dataset available for more advanced features.

Anyone building on the platform can create complex, AI-powered features out-of-the-box thanks to its AI engine aggregating multiple types of large language models (LLMs). All content generated on Tenzro will be moderated with detailed metadata. With an accurately catalogued content database, developers can enable capabilities like hyper-personalized music recommendations, more robust search engines, and custom content feeds for a more streamlined experience. Tenzro is committed to its vision of helping reshape creative content platforms to maximize value accrual and incentivization for creatives and their creative contributions–all within a unified platform.

To achieve an optimal user experience, Tenzro launched an Avalanche Subnet,  collaborating with AvaCloud to ensure a seamless launch and maximum network reliability. The Subnet’s customizable architecture allows the platform to create its own rulesets that align with the rules and guidelines that exist in creative industries like music.  

Tenzro Aims to Align Incentives Across All Network Participants

Tenzro uses a three-token system designed to incentivize its stakeholders, developers, and users: 

  1. The utility token serves as the means to pay for services on the platform. 

  2. The governance token is used for submitting proposals to the Tenzro DAO and participating in the voting process. 

  3. The reputation token is designed to reward creators for their contributions to the ecosystem through content creation and data provision, crucial elements in training Tenzro's AI system. 

All personal data is encrypted and only made available to the creator of the data, ensuring maximum security and privacy.

There are many apps already awaiting launch on Tenzro. In 2024, Tenzro expects to not see the growth of applications on the platform but also discovery of new use cases and solutions that better improve creatives’ everyday lives. 

About Tenzro

Tenzro is a platform for building AI-powered creative content. The platform offers developer tools that seamlessly integrate machine learning and AI with blockchain. Tenzro rewards creators for their creative contributions by maximizing value accrual and incentivization through the protocol.

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