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MXS Games is Launching a Gaming Platform on Avalanche for Fairer, Player-Centric Games

The platform used AvaCloud to quickly set up its platform on testnet and is preparing for mainnet launch.



The platform used AvaCloud to quickly set up its platform on testnet and is preparing for mainnet launch.

MXS Games, a mobile and PC game studio, is launching on an Avalanche Subnet in hopes of making games fairer for players using blockchain technology – all while minimizing the need to use complex Web3 tools. On MXS Games, players can acquire in-game assets and use them freely across other games on the platform, while also being rewarded with a share of the ad revenue generated by the platform. To date, the platform boasts over 500,000 downloads during its alpha testnet phase. MXS aspires to be a gaming platform that’s truly for the players.

Avalanche’s Subnets will help MXS process high transactions while maintaining low latency, and most importantly, will enable the seamless transfer of assets across any MXS game. All of this was made possible thanks to AvaCloud. As the platform evolves, so does the Web3 infrastructure.

How Does MXS Games Reward Its Players

$XSEED is MXS Games’ utility token that powers various aspects of the gaming experience, including gas fees, gaming asset purchases, and in-game transactions. Ad revenues will likely be shared with players in US dollars (stablecoins). Through a DAO, the gaming community will play a role in selecting the future games that are featured in MXS’ portfolio. 

About MetaXSeed Games

MetaXSeed Games (MXS Games) is a Web3-enabled games studio dedicated to making games fairer and empowering gamers using blockchain technology. Games launched on MXS Games are compatible on PC and mobile devices. Gamers who play MXS games will be able to earn a share of the platform’s revenue, while also determining the future of its gaming portfolio.

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