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Powering the Future of Play: How Shrapnel Used AvaCloud to Build a Next-gen Video Game

In the ever-expanding universe of video gaming, Shrapnel, a trailblazing game set for release in 2024, aims to be the first true blockchain-enabled AAA-rated (or “blockbuster”) title.



Powering the Future of Play: How Shrapnel Used AvaCloud to Build a Next-gen Video Game

In the ever-expanding universe of video gaming, Shrapnel, a trailblazing game set for release in 2024, aims to be the first true blockchain-enabled AAA-rated (or “blockbuster”) title. Developed by Web3 game developer Neon Machine and backed by a team known for their work on iconic games like Call of Duty, Halo, and Star Wars, Shrapnel is much more than a new first-person shooter (FPS) game. It's a groundbreaking experience that is set to redefine player engagement and creativity in the gaming industry.

Reinventing Gaming by Giving Power Back to the Players

The team behind Shrapnel envisioned this kind of game for a long time. According to their whitepaper: “Since early 2000, we’ve been thinking about a competitive, multiplayer FPS that players could mod and make their own. But the technology necessary to support the transaction volume and attribution complexity of such a game was out of reach.” But now, with blockchain technology, this kind of game is possible. Shrapnel is an ambitious project that harnesses blockchain to create a modifiable (or “moddable” in game-speak) FPS game, empowering players to collectively own and shape the game's future. This project is pioneering a new era in gaming — where interaction, creation, and ownership go hand in hand, fueled by the innovative solutions provided by AvaCloud.

What Does Blockchain-powered Gameplay Look Like?

Shrapnel aims to redefine gaming with the help of blockchain technology, offering players unprecedented levels of engagement, creativity, and participation. Here's a closer look at some of these features and how they redefine the gaming experience. 

Maximizing rewards for players, especially power players 

Shrapnel will offer a new way for players to engage with genuine ownership of in-game assets through NFTs, a move that elevates in-game achievements by attaching real-world value to them. This approach not only tangibly rewards players but also enhances their connection to the game, fostering a deeper sense of investment and involvement.

Providing a platform for all game creatives 

Player creativity in Shrapnel is at the forefront, with features that will enable and reward users who create their own content for the game, such as custom maps or unique skins. This not only deepens player engagement, but also has the added benefit of reducing the load on the game's developers, allowing them to quickly expand the game's content and capabilities through community contributions.

Leveraging community opinions for the future of Shrapnel

Shrapnel is taking a unique approach to development through community involvement. The Shrapnel community is invited to participate throughout the game development process, with the ability to weigh in and vote on everything from design, to roadmap, to aesthetics. This allows players to have a more direct influence on the game's direction and content, fostering a collaborative environment between the game's creators and its audience. 

The AvaCloud Edge in Web3 Gaming

AvaCloud's expertly managed blockchain solution streamlined the creation of a blockchain network tailored specifically for Shrapnel, and provided the foundation for the development team’s vision. The team was able to focus their efforts on crafting an immersive and engaging gaming experience while leaving the complexities of blockchain network management in the hands of AvaCloud’s experts. 

“AvaCloud takes the hassle out of managing a blockchain network and lets me focus on creating differentiated value for my business.” -Marc Mercuri, Chief Blockchain Officer at Shrapnel

But choosing AvaCloud did more than streamline backend operations and development for the game – it fundamentally enriches the gaming experience for players by leveraging high-performance blockchains. Here are a few of the differentiating capabilities that opened the door for innovative gameplay features that resonate with modern gamers' expectations.

Gamer-friendly, Gas-free Transactions

One of the standout features of AvaCloud's integration is the implementation of gas-free transactions. This approach ensures that players can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without the interruptions or additional costs often associated with blockchain transactions. It's a significant step towards a more fluid and user-friendly gaming environment.

Keep gaming latency low with sub-second finality
Speed is of the essence in gaming, and AvaCloud delivers just that. The technology brings transaction times down to sub-second levels, providing a responsiveness that ensures the game latency remains low. This level of performance is crucial in maintaining the pace and excitement that players expect from a top-tier gaming experience.

Interoperability to broaden gaming horizons

One of AvaCloud’s most impactful infrastructure offerings is its support for seamless interoperability. This allows for a cohesive, player-driven economy within Shrapnel, extending the gaming experience beyond conventional limits. 

Players are no longer confined to isolated economic systems within single games; instead, they can engage in a broader, interconnected economic landscape. This not only enhances the player experience but also paves the way for new forms of collaboration and community-building within the gaming world. The game will also support interoperability, allowing players to use their game assets across different gaming environments. This breaks down the traditional boundaries of digital gaming, providing a more interconnected experience.

What’s Next? Gamebridge SDK, a New Era for Game Studios

The collaborative success story with AvaCloud has inspired the Shrapnel team to develop Gamebridge. This innovative SDK (Software Development Kit) is designed to help other game studios seamlessly incorporate blockchain features into their games. Gamebridge stands as a testament to Shrapnel's commitment not only to its own evolution but also to the broader evolution of the gaming industry, facilitating the integration of cutting-edge technology in games.

With its blockchain-powered framework, Shrapnel is set to revolutionize the gaming industry. It stands as a testament to the potential of blockchain in transforming not just the way games are played but also how they are conceived and experienced by a global community of players and creators. AvaCloud’s role in this revolution is not just supportive but transformative, shaping the future of gaming.

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