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Introduction to AvaCloud: Simplifying Web3 for Business

Why AvaCloud is the ultimate blockchain solution for the enterprise



Why AvaCloud is the ultimate blockchain solution for the enterprise

Until now, blockchain solutions for the enterprise simply haven’t delivered on the promise of Web3. Like Internet companies in the 90s were limited by slow dial-up connections and payment security issues, blockchain companies today are hamstrung by congested, slow networks that do not offer application-specific value to their business. From needless complexity to a lack of customization options, to lagging speeds, many enterprise blockchains have been limited from delivering real-world value. The team at Ava Labs set out to change that with AvaCloud, a game-changing solution that offers a complete blockchain solution designed to simplify the process of launching and scaling custom blockchain networks. 

Launched earlier this year, AvaCloud is a managed blockchain service enabling businesses to launch fully automated, expertly managed blockchains–customized for any use case. Similar to how Microsoft’s Azure provided businesses with scalable and cost-effective Internet infrastructure, AvaCloud delivers an exponential improvement to how easily startups and enterprises can launch blockchain-based systems. But it’s more than a customizable managed blockchain service; it’s a strategic tool for leaders at the helm of forward-thinking organizations who are ready to transform their businesses and industries. 

Real World Solutions, Customizable for Any Use Case

AvaCloud is already helping businesses solve real world problems across enterprise, finance, government, gaming and more, thanks to its deep customization capabilities. It empowers businesses to fine-tune their blockchain networks for enterprise-grade performance, compliance, and user experience. Whether an organization requires specific data structures, optimized virtual machines, or tailored security measures, AvaCloud grants them the freedom to set their own rules. For example, a network for an institutional finance application might prioritize KYC’ed validators and a native gas token, while a gaming network might prioritize high TPS and gas-free transactions to be more player-friendly.

AvaCloud offers a diverse range of proven templates based on various use cases. These no-code presets are a starting point for businesses looking to fast-track their blockchain development process. Whether you're building brand new games, supply chain solutions, or institutional finance platforms, AvaCloud's templates provide a solid foundation that can be further customized to meet a multitude of unique requirements.

Blockchain Made Easy

AvaCloud provides businesses with a simple, end-to-end solution for all their on-chain needs, allowing anyone to launch an industry-leading, robust blockchain network in mere minutes. This is made possible by fully managed deployment, no-code customization, and automated infrastructure that allows teams to focus on their solution’s value, not its complexity. AvaCloud’s Blockchain Builder, a user-friendly no-code SaaS portal, streamlines the process of planning, building, launching, and scaling a custom blockchain network. With intuitive interfaces and simplified workflows, businesses can effortlessly navigate through the stages of blockchain development, automating the work of an entire development team and over 10 services, such as API and managed validator providers.

Businesses can also leverage the support of Ava Studios, a dedicated team of blockchain implementation engineers, product owners, and strategists to help ensure the success of their blockchain solution. They provide product and roadmap consulting, white glove implementation services, and 24/7 service so business leaders can rest assured that their network can handle any situation.  

Fast, Trusted, Enterprise-grade

AvaCloud lets businesses reap the benefits of trusted and innovative technologies packaged in one seamless service. It leverages the industry-leading speed of the Avalanche network, the only blockchain with sub-second transaction finality. Fast finality maintains reliable transactions and confidence in user asset ownership, which is crucial to operating business solutions. Not only that, but AvaCloud provides enterprise-level speeds of over 50K transactions per second (TPS) to support applications built for millions of users. 

Enterprises need to operate within the highest standards, which is why AvaCloud offers quality, regulatory compliant infrastructure from partners like AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and more. It also allows businesses to create private, secure ecosystems for the processing of sensitive data that creates an auditable and transparent record.

By seamlessly combining cutting-edge blockchain tech with SaaS convenience, AvaCloud empowers businesses to create tangible real world value. With its combination of customization options, ease of implementation, and enterprise-grade speed and trustedness, AvaCloud is poised to finally deliver on the promise of blockchain for business. Say goodbye to the complexities of blockchain infrastructure and embrace the future with AvaCloud.

About Ava Labs 

Ava Labs makes it simple to deploy high-performance solutions for Web3, led by innovations on Avalanche. The company was founded by Cornell computer scientists, who partnered with Wall Street veterans and early Web3 leaders to execute a promising vision for redefining the way people build and use open, permissionless networks. Ava Labs is redefining the way people create value with Web3. 

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About AvaCloud

AvaCloud is a managed blockchain service enabling teams to rapidly build, deploy, and scale decentralized networks–customized for any use case. In minutes, launch robust blockchain networks with 50k+ transactions per second, sub-second transaction finality, and net-zero carbon impact. AvaCloud features a no-code portal, automated infrastructure, network monitoring, and 24/7 customer support. Stop worrying about your blockchain infrastructure and start growing your business and maximizing your revenue.

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